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I have to say that I am really excited about this store. In general, I love to go to Thrift Stores. It is like digging for buried treasure and I am a pirate. My favorites are old picture frames, odd things, and clothes. I am a hoarder of of clothes, I have closets full, dressers full, and boxes full. I believe I have enough clothes to not wear the same outfit for a year.

Thredup has a program where they send you a bag,  you clean out your closet and send the bag back. The first 9.95 that they get from your clothes pays for the bag. After that, each piece of clothing that they sell for you they credit your account a percentage of that sale. You can use that money to shop their clothing. It is like a yard sale in a bag. Now that is my kind of store!

When you receive them items you purchased you can try them on. If you decide you don’t like them or they don’t fit you can return them. You can put your sizes in the app located on the page and it will save them. It is mostly women’s clothing but you will run across some male items.

I have made this one of my go to stores. They carry many top brand names and tell me anyone who can pass up Vera Wang or Prada. Happy Clicking!


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